The Verandah Gardens

Our clients can also avail from us an extensive range of structure glazing, which consists of glass sheets held with strong sealants. For bonding these glazing, sealants are used. We are offering Structure Glazings as per the client's specific requirements such as designs, space and others. These products are acknowledged for their easy installation and low maintenance.

Glaze or glazing is a thin shiny coating, or the act of applying the coating.

Structural glass is glass which has gone through a manufacturing process to enable it to be used for structural elements of buildings. The resulting product enables walls, floors and ceilings in buildings to be transparent and can even be load bearing. Structural glazing is made by "heating sheets of glass uniformly after manufacture until it is plastic and then rapid cooling with jets of air. The outer layers closest to the jets of air cool and solidify first; they contract as they cool. As the inner layers try to follow they throw the outer layers into compression. This process creates a glass that is about 7 times stronger than ordinary / untreated float glass."

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